An amazing moment…..(from 7/19/2016)

Shared an amazing moment today. I wish I could post the pic, but I can’t for privacy reasons….I started “Little Hearts, Big Music” 5 years ago. My vision was to invite young people to perform in recitals in nursing homes once a month. It’s been going strong and we are starting to get requests for performances. 🙂 About 6 months ago, we were asked to perform for the clients of Mosaic, an organization that helps intellectually disabled adults. Today was our 4th performance for them, and it’s been so rewarding. When the children had finished, one of the caregivers pulled me aside and asked if one of the clients, a profoundly deaf lady, (who had sat through the entire recital and hadn’t heard a thing,) could touch one of the boys’ violins as they played so she could feel the music. Oh, her face! She lit up and mouthed, “WOW!” And then she walked over to the piano and touched it, then lay down on it, while one of the other children played for her. The two caregivers with her were in tears (and me, too) – she had never experienced something like this before. The needs in this world are overwhelming, but as I look for ways for the boys and I to make a difference, I’m reminded of the story of the little girl and the starfish. Today, we made a difference for that one person. And that was a great day.


New recital venue!

LHBM is branching out and spreading our love of music and sharing with others to Mosaic, an incredible residential and day services facility for people with intellectual disabilities.  And they seem just as excited to welcome us as we are to perform for them!  Check our schedule for our upcoming recitals….

Preschool in Nursing Home

Given the mission of “Little Hearts, Big Music,” I found this story wonderful:

Article published by USA Today re: Alzheimer’s patients and music….

I added the following link to my “Blogroll,” but I thought I’d add it as a post as well.  What a great article and moving video!

We LOVED Bonaventure!

Bonaventure has been open for about a year now, but this past Friday was our first time performing there.  What a great experience!  The facility is beautiful, as well as the residents and staff.  We had a great time!  Ten children were able to perform….four different instruments, some piano accompaniment, a duet, and a quartet.  And one of our largest audiences yet!  We will DEFINITELY be returning!!!!



Record audience last Friday!

This past Friday we returned to Sunrise at University Park and enjoyed a record audience!  Five eager young musicians shared their gift of music; it was fabulous!LHBM

Another new nursing home for us to play at….

We enjoyed holding a recital at the Sterling House in Colorado Springs last Thursday.  It was fantastic!  It’s a smaller, cozy nursing home with energetic staff and friendly residents.  We had a great visit!IMG_3210

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